All about Push Presents

by Brad Unbelated
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What is a push present?

What is this new fangled tradition you might have heard about called push presents? A push present is a gift that is given to a mother just before or after giving birth. At birth all the focus is quite rightly on the newborn baby but the mother too has gone through 9 months of dramatic change in her body. Not only gaining more weight than she has ever gained in her life but all the bloating, aches and pains, hormonal shifts and mental anxiety that comes with being pregnant. Receiving a present at this time can really help to celebrate the moment and puts focus back on the mother. The other issue is that the new born baby has probably already received hundreds of little bibs, onesies, teddy bears and baby rattles. Even the most innovative gifts such as the diaper cake can be fun but deep down They're really just a gimmick. As the baby has just been born they obviously don't care much about gifts so it's a chance to give the mother something directly that doesn't go unappreciated.

Who gives push presents.

Push presents are most commonly given by the husband but can also be given by a close family member such as a brother, sister or grandparent. Close friends can also give push presents but this is less common.

Ideas for push gifts.

Traditional gifts for women like jewelry or handbags are often given but a good idea for a push gift could be an experience like a spa or a day to be pampered could be very much appreciated. Dealing with a newborn can be extremely stressful and the burden often lies with the mother. A day to relax can be a great present but remember that someone needs to care for the baby and if there is any doubt in the capabilities this could be an even more stressful experience for the mother.

Push presents for fathers.

Pregnancy comes with physical discomforts due to the dramatic change in the mother's body but it's also mentally taxing. Anxiety and fear of making mistakes and not doing the best for the newborn are also common and not only the mother suffers from this. The father is seen as the support mechanism but also goes through trials during a pregnancy. For that reason it's becoming more and more common to also give presents, albeit not so luxurious to new fathers.

History of push presents

Nobody really knows the beginnings of this tradition but there has been some suspicion that it has been promoted by the jewelry business. I suppose, you can't blame them after their great success with diamond wedding rings.


The tradition has definitely grown in the last few years due to many high profile celebrities receiving them.