Christmas activities for kids

by Brad Unbelated
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Christmas is a time for giving, faith, love and family. Unfortunately, these are not the things that usually come to mind when it's six o'clock on Christmas morning! We all know what happens on Christmas morning: children wait very impatiently for their parents to wake up so presents can be unwrapped and Santa stories told before they're allowed to open their gifts. But there are so many other things you can do with your kids on Christmas besides press the fast forward button on the VCR!

Help with the cooking

There's so much to prepare for Christmas dinner and plenty of stuff the kids can help with. From making Christmas cookies to wrapping the sausages in bacon this not only keeps them busy but means less work for you.

Go skiing or ice skating

If you have slopes nearby, go skating or skiing on Christmas Day. It's a great way to spend time with the family getting exercise and enjoying some fresh air.

If you can't afford tickets to the hottest new movie, don't worry! Sit down in front of the TV together and rent one. Saying "Merry Christmas" will be that much more special if you're watching it with your family on Christmas Day instead of before or after the holiday like everyone else.

Choose a pet for the day

If the family cat or dog is used to being in the house alone while everyone's at work or school, invite it in for Christmas dinner. Afterward, either find a shelter that will take your pet for the night or keep it until after New Year's.

Coupon for TV time!

A great way to get your kids to behave on Christmas is to give them something they want in return for good behavior. If you promise a certain amount of time watching TV or playing video games, you won't have to worry about loud noise and destruction when everyone else wants to sleep or decorate.

Make angel wings

While the whole family's at church, let your kids cut out paper wings and decorate them with markers. When you get home, tape the wings to an old sweatshirt and let your kids play angel or messenger while everyone else unwraps their gifts!

Tape a picture of Santa on the tree

After the presents are opened and it's time to take down your beautiful Christmas tree, let your kids draw a picture of Santa on the tree. From then on, that will be the North Pole!

Coloring pages of Christmas Presents

Instead of just opening presents why not download some coloring pages of Christmas presents for your kids to complete. There's plenty of Christmas themed coloring pages on line that you can download and print.

Write letters to Santa

While you're out shopping for presents, let your kids write letters to Santa at the mall or post office. Some post offices have really elaborate Christmas light displays depicting letters from children to Santa! Then when everybody comes home, read the letters out loud and act surprised when you get to your child's!

One of the most important parts about Christmas is spending time with family. No matter how much children complain about their gifts or waking up early, they'll always remember how special it was to be in the same house as everyone else on Christmas morning. So save the present unwrapping and concentrate on being together as a family.

Conclusion :

Remember, it's not all about the presents! Make Christmas a time for giving, faith and love. These are the things that make Christmas special.