Father's day gift for a grandfather

by Brad Unbelated
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Fathers day for your son

What a magic moment when your son becomes a father himself and you become a grandfather. It’s funny to think that you are both fathers now. Fathers day will be a whole new experience. You can actually both share presents now. It might sound strange giving your own son a Fathers day gift but it’s also a great way of welcoming him into this new tradition as his children are still too young to be getting a gift for him.

What to give your son on his first fathers day?

Your son's first fathers day is a really special occasion so you really want to pick something special. Here are some ideas.

What to give the new grandfather for fathers day

Just because you're now a father doesn't mean that you can forget about your own father. He still raised and loved you from a toddler. In fact now that you're a father you can better understand what he went through. Take this time to reflect on that and if you're still stuck here are some ideas:

Whatever you decide, the important thing is to enjoy the occasion together, two new fathers.