Traditions of Christmas around the world.

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Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated every year on the 25th of December. This day was initially created to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who many believe is the Son of God. This tradition has been celebrated by Christians for centuries throughout the world in different ways and with varying traditions, but all with similar meanings and significance. It is said that on Christmas Day, Santa Claus brings presents for children all over the world while flying on his sleigh pulled by nine reindeers.Christmas customs also vary depending on where you are located around the globe. For example, in France they play traditional carols known as "Noëls" during this time of year while people decorate their homes with wreaths made from holly branches. In Australia, they celebrate Christmas Day with a BBQ and "No More Work" day.

Different traditions that exist around the world for this festive occasion.

Traditions for Christmas in France

Christmas in France is celebrated differently than in most countries around the world where we can find more of a focus on religious activities. Instead, French traditions often include games and dancing during the evening before Christmas Day begins rather than attending mass services. But still there are many families who spend this day visiting with one another and exchanging gifts.Christmas is also celebrated in France by visiting the graves of relatives who have passed away, decorating them with flowers, candles, and photos.


Traditions for Christmas in Italy

Christmas is celebrated very similarly all over Italy, but there are still some small differences from region to region. For example, in Tuscany people tend to prepare more of a seven-course meal on Christmas Eve while others tend to eat less food and focus more on attending midnight mass services. On Christmas morning children receive gifts from Santa Claus who has been known to leave his gifts accompanied by an Angel or sometimes even Baby Jesus himself under their trees! Many people throughout Italy also decorate their homes with a small Nativity scene and wreaths made from laurel or olive branches.Christmas Eve is also the time for people to perform good deeds in hopes that they will be blessed throughout the New Year.Religious celebrations such as Christmas are very important to Italians, so it is common for entire families to visit each other's houses on this day and exchange gifts and celebrate together.

Traditions for Christmas in Spain

In Spain they celebrate Christmas Day on December 24th rather than the 25th like most other countries around the world. They do this because it is customary to spend this day with family members before saying goodbye to each other until next year's celebration which takes place on January 6th (Three Kings Day). But still many Spaniards attend midnight mass services where Baby Jesus statues are brought out during several masses throughout Madrid.During this time Spanish people often give their neighbors small figurines known as "piñatas" which are filled with candies and small toys for children. They also decorate their homes with pine cones and wreaths made from holly branches.

Traditions for Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia is celebrated very much like the traditions found in America, but they do take into consideration that people celebrate on different days throughout December. This way everyone can take the day off of work to spend time together as a family since this day is much anticipated by many people. During one of their most well known Christmas traditions people visit beaches to build sandcastles while blowing soap bubbles during one afternoon when there is no wind or rain (the perfect conditions required).Another popular tradition among Australians is playing cricket in their backyards rather than attending religious services in the evening.

Traditions for Christmas in Mexico

Christmas is also celebrated very much like it is in America, but they use piñatas which are filled with candy and small toys instead of food like many other countries around the world do. This tradition finds its roots in when Spanish conquerors brought over their traditions into Mexico. On December 24th Mexicans attend midnight mass services where Baby Jesus statues are brought out during several masses throughout town.They also practice an interesting tradition known as "posadas" on this day where people travel from house to house carrying candles while singing songs until each home they visit allows them to enter and celebrate with them for a few moments before moving onto the next one. During these visits people often give their hosts tamales and atole which are soups made from corn.

Traditions for Christmas in China

In China they celebrate two different versions of Christmas around this time. The first version is on the 23rd known as "Little Seventh Day" where many families spend time with one another during a dinner followed by exchanging small gifts. On December 25th families gather together to attend mass services where Baby Jesus statues are brought out during several masses throughout town. After these services most Chinese people go home to eat a special meal together before opening up small gifts that they have bought for each other since it is common for them to buy gifts rather than giving handmade ones like some other countries do around this time of year. 7.Traditions for Christmas in VenezuelaThe people of Venezuela celebrate their version of Christmas by attending midnight mass services where Baby Jesus statues are brought out during several masses throughout town. When the service is over people head to family and friends' homes carrying small gifts and snacks with them before eating a special meal together and opening up these gifts. Once everyone has gone home Venezuelan families gather around their nativity scenes which consist of Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wise men, angels as well as other figures from the Bible to count down until next year's celebration. They set the figure that symbolizes this year's passing at the back of the scene all while lighting candles that surround it. Many Venezuelans also practice an interesting tradition where family members who have moved away from home bring their families together during these services. Similar to other countries around the world Venezuela practices a tradition where people gather in front of homes and sing Christmas carols as well as place wreaths on each door they visit before going inside to spend time with those who live there. In order for this tradition to work every Venezuelan must prepare a plate full of snacks that can be shared among neighbors or given out as gifts. 8.Traditions for Christmas in GreeceIn Greece one popular activity which is a known tradition takes place on December 6th called "Klausoyn Tse Kalymboy" where children go door to door handing out fruit, nuts, cookies and small amounts of money to their neighbors. This tradition is believed to have come from the 12th century when St. Nicholas' bones were brought into the country. St. Nicholas is only one of three saints that are widely worshiped within Greece around this time of year, the other two being Sts Constantine and Helen which are said to protect children as well as act as patrons for those traveling by sea. Shortly after this "feast day" comes along Baby Jesus statues are brought out during several services throughout town where people gather to sing songs before heading home or spending time with family members who live nearby for something to eat and exchange gifts with one another if they feel inclined towards doing so.

Traditions for Christmas in Puerto Rico

Christmas traditions in Puerto Rico have many similarities to some of the traditions that are practiced in other countries around the world. Some examples include having midnight mass services on Christmas Eve, exchanging gifts with loved ones and family members while decorating their homes with lights, wreaths and figurines representing Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph as well as shepherds, wise men and angels. Another popular activity which is known to be a tradition for Puerto Ricans takes place after these services where people walk along city streets singing songs in order to mark the beginning of Christmastime within Puerto Rico. 10.Christmas traditions of ChinaThe most common tradition placed upon Chinese citizens near Christmas time is sending money gifts overseas to family members or loved ones that reside elsewhere while also decorating their houses with lights which are hung outside the front of them to show off.

Christmas traditions of England

One thing that is done within England during this time of year is something called "Wren Day" which consists of people dressing up in costumes while hunting down a wren bird and placing it inside a box before hanging the box up on the doorsteps of others so they can wake up to find it there along with finding out who did the deed. 12.Traditions for Christmas in the USAOne tradition that takes place in the United States is the menorah which is a candelabra placed inside of a window with candles on each branch of it lit up to show solidarity for Jews who do not celebrate Christmas due to its origins being from Christianity.

Christmas traditions of Switzerland

People within Switzerland typically celebrate Santa Lucia Day which is a holiday meant to honor the martyr who gave up her life for Christ by placing candles on top of their heads and carrying them around leading their town or city before passing them along to the next person after taking a bite of what's called "Luciakuchen" which is essentially bread made with raisins and other ingredients.

Christmas traditions of Norway

People within Norway typically celebrate Saint Lucia Day where they dress up as well as decorate their homes with these festive wreaths made from various types of pine tree branches and incorporating red apples which represent the blood she would have shed for Christ.

Christmas traditions of Chile

Another tradition held within Chile during this time of year is known as posadas which typically takes place over the course of several days before the holiday itself begins where people who live here typically gather together to celebrate Christmas by gathering around a bonfire, eating and drinking with one another while also playing musical instruments.

Christmas traditions of Germany

People who live within Germany partake in something known as Stollen which is basically bread baked with candied fruit inside along with nuts and spices before it's dusted with powdered sugar and enjoyed by the people who help make it as well as those who eat it.